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Coconut Copra

Dry coconut available with us, are Coconut Copra that is derived from sun dried coconuts. Coconut Copra is the meat or kernel of coconut, which is used to extract coconut oil for the Food and Cosmetic Industries. The processed Coconut Copra for oil extraction leaves a residue, which is used for feeding livestock. The Dry Coconut Copra can be made by sun drying or smoke drying. The process of sun drying requires little more time. Moreover, our Coconut Copra is of high quality and can be availed by our clients in big and small quantities.

Specifications (Grade A)
  • Oil content : Min 70%
  • Moisture content : 1% - 3%
  • FFA contain : 0.4% - 1%
  • Shell life : 10 months

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